Typical streams will be found on Twitch. If you would like to hangout for some chill games, you can usually find me at the following stream schedule:

  • Streams are currently on hiatus until the new year. Hope y'all have a wonderful holiday and see you in the new year!


I will rarely stream on Trovo, but if you happen to find your way over there and see me streaming, come hangout with others in the comments, we are there for a good time :)


Come hangout in the discord, we have conversations with friends and welcome others to a respectful and wholesome community. You will occasionally find people playing games in the voice chats. Don't be afraid to hangout and play / meet some new people :)


Post information on future streams and things going on with the community. In addition, you can find your other favorite streamers on the platform as well! Come check me out on Instagram!


The TahTaOo Facebook community is still a work in progress but is available to view. If you'd like to observe the site, you can click the link attached to the Facebook logo.