My name is TahTaOo and I am a variety video game streamer. I primarily stream for fun to hangout with others in chat and to experience some fun times in video games that they may not be able to play on their own rigs. I usually always try to play the games on max graphics to get the best experience from games that the developers intended it to be. I'm usually an open person and always down to help everyone succeed. If you have any questions, you can head over to our Discord channel where we answer communal questions and help anyone who is interested in starting streaming get their toes in the water with it.

We also like to ensure and promote equality throughout our community and others. If you ever feel like you need someone to talk to, we have folks that are willing to sit with you and talk about anything you need. Just jump into our Safe Place discord and you along with the individual listening to you will have a secure / isolated discussion where no one else will be able to interfere.

Communities I Support:

SFXXPlay and Members:

Fight Night FGC (www.fightnightfgc.com)